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WAN Acceleration technologies aim to accelerate a broad range of applications and protocols over the Wide Area Network. They typically employ a number of acceleration techniques including low level compression, intelligent bit wise compression and specific protocol optimization.

Why Not Add Bandwidth?

Adding more bandwidth does not necessarily improve the end performance of an application over the WAN.

The performance profile of many applications is defined by the latency of the connection. Adding more bandwidth will help with the concurrency of the connection but will not improve latency.

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Who Should Use WAN Acceleration?

WAN acceleration technology can be used by any organization that has a WAN and would like faster end user experience or make better use of their existing infrastructure. This could be because they want to achieve the following:

  • Accelerate end user experience
  • Optimise bandwidth
  • Consolidate IT
  • Optimise disaster recovery
  • Accelerate mobile workers

What Technology?

There are a number of vendors entering this growing market space ranging from financed start-ups through to incumbents with acquired technology.Layer47 has investigated a number of these vendors, and as such, made the decision to work with and become a premier partner of Riverbed. The decision to partner with Riverbed is based on a number of commercial and technological factors.

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Down ArrowWhat can Riverbed do?

Riverbed uses a number of technologies encompassed under the title WDS (Wide Area Data services) to solve inefficient WAN issues

  • Application acceleration
  • WAN Optimisation
  • Wide area file services (WAFS)
  • QoS and traffic shaping
  • Web caching

Riverbed utilise a number of WAN acceleration methods under their RiOS operating system to offer incredible acceleration. Below is a diagram which displays the magnitude of the acceleration possible.

Down ArrowWhy Layer47?
Layer47 has been working with advanced application acceleration technology for over 10 years. In addition to this they are a Riverbed Premier partner. Layer47 can offer the full range of services ranging from implementation design, application performance profiling to global implementation and support.
Riverbed Premier Partner
Down ArrowWhat Next?

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